Envestr Capital LLC is Capably Led by Gus Dahleh

Posted by Admin | April 11th, 2012

Envestr Capital LLC is capably led by Gus Dahleh, the CEO and a businessman of some repute. Envestr Capital LLC is a residential and commercial real estate firm that specializes in acquiring distressed real estate. While many people run away from distressed real estate, Envestr Capital LLC believes that it presents a unique opportunity for investment. Acquiring these properties makes the marketplace friendlier for clients looking to buy properties at discounted prices.

Gus Dahleh’s leadership as CEO has allowed Envestr Capital LLC to thrive by forming relationships with parallel industries. Local and regional banks in the area have working relationships with Envestr Capital LLC which means that the firm gets the chance to pick up notes before they are available to the general public. The firm also has established relationships with certain lenders, which makes securing financing a much simpler process for clients.

Gus Dahleh Has Compiled A Professional Staff

Posted by Admin | August 27th, 2010

Financial times are hard right now—this is a fact that is hard to escape. It is written all over newspapers and it is broadcast all over the television news. Recessions cause other problems, like massive foreclosures—which have been on the rise over the last two years or so. This is because the recession hit the housing and real estate markets harder than any other industry. The danger of foreclosure is linked very closely to mortgages.

Getting a mortgage is not something anyone wants to do. Indeed, when one talks about a mortgage—it is always with a sense of dread. People talk about mortgages in the same way that they might talk about massive credit card debt. A mortgage can be dangerous to the future of a person’s financial health. This is because mortgages are essentially loans taken out against the collateral of a piece of property, usually a house.

Taking a mortgage out on your home is not a simple or easy process, generally speaking. More importantly, it should not be taken lightly. It is a big decision which requires a great deal of research and thought. Luckily, Mortgage Direct Inc. is a mortgage company with a great reputation and a history of success. President Gus Dahleh has compiled a professional staff with a wealth of experience in crafting mortgages that are advantageous to all parties.

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